About us

Who are we?

The Society for Education and Languages in Europe e.V. was founded in 2010 by multilingual families and enthusiasts of the German, English and French languages.

Our not-for-profit society is devoted to promoting education and cultural exchanges within Europe, with the goal of promoting and preserving the various European languages. We want to contribute to the mutual understanding of European nations, by rousing interest in foreign language learning and actively promoting communication in various languages. We actively support occupational mobility within Europe.

Our society hopes to achieve the aforementioned goals through the following activities:

  • The organisation of intercultural exchange projects, events and conferences.
  • Cooperation with other organisations offering similar activities on a national and international scale, especially in France.
  • Develop projects to improve professional mobility in Europe
  • Support and advice for nurseries and schools that wish to offer and implement classes in various languages.


Miriam Mueller, a German translator and interpreter of French and English, runs our society. Miriam Mueller has already implemented numerous projects dealing with linguistic and cultural exchanges, particularly between France and Germany. She was the founder and chairwoman of two voluntary organisations; Eveil Franco-Allemand in Montpellier (France) and Initial eV in Berlin (Germany).

She has continued to implement and develop these activities within the Society for Education and Languages in Europe, however has evolved past the German-French framework. Today, the organisation is active throughout the EU and cooperates with educational institutions across Europe.