Articles of Association “Bildung und Sprachen für Europe eV” as amended since 14.10.2010 

§ 1. Name, Location, Year, Liability 

1.1 The Association is entitled “Education and Languages in Europe”. Following the registration process, it shall be bear the suffix “eV”.

1.2 The Associations headquarters is located in Berlin. 

1.3 The financial year coincides with the calendar year. 

1.4 The liability is limited to the amount of the assets.


§ 2. Purpose of the Association 

2.1 The purpose of the association is the promotion of educational and cultural exchange within Europe, whilst at the same time maintaining the various European languages. The association aims to promote openness and understanding among the various linguistic and cultural regions in Europe.

2.2 The Association wishes to administer the aims referred to in 2.1 by the following measures and activities:

  • Organisation of meetings, events and conventions to promote intercultural exchanges within Europe.
  • Implementation of multilingual cultural events.
  • Support for schools and nurseries in implementing bilingual classes.
  • Free advice for parents and teachers on the topics of “Language learning’ and “Multilingual education”.
  • Delivering courses aiding the learning of European languages.
  • Cooperation with other Non-profit organisations and associations, both nationally and internationally.

§ 3 Non-profit

3.1 The Associations does not act with the intention of profit; any surplus of revenue will be redistributed in the hope of goal attainment. Acting exclusively and directly with charitable intentions as defined in the “Privilege Tax” of the tax code. Funds may only be used for statutory purposes.

3.2 Members do not receive subsidiaries though their affiliation with The Association. They cannot be promoted through expenditures that are foreign to the purpose of the Association or by a disproportionate remuneration.


§ 4 Membership

4.1 Membership to The Association is open to all legal and legible persons in accordance with the objectives aforementioned in § 2 of the Statute Support. The Board must approve application for membership, with support of a written statement.

4.2 The members of The Association commit themselves to work in accordance with the aims and objectives set out. It is required of the members to regularly pay a membership fee and inform the association if there is any change of circumstance e.g. changes of name, address etc. 

4.3 There is a possibility to be exempt from the payment of fees if one is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the association’s purposes;  in this case one will be granted Honorary Member status. The upgrade of a member is definitively decided by the General Assembly; where at least 5 members must be in accordance with the decision. 

4.4 Membership is terminated for natural persons by resignation, expulsion or death. If a member fails to pay the fees for two financial years, and automatic exclusion will occur. Membership of legal persons (private or government) is terminated by resignation, expulsion or by submitting an application for insolvency proceedings or lapse of body. 

4.5 The termination can only occur at the end of a financial year. The member wishing to terminate the contract must contact the board, with one months notice. None of the contributions can be refunded. 

4.6 For an exclusion to be valid, ¾ of the General Assemble must be present. The member shall be given an opportunity to present an oral or written statement to The Board with at least 3 weeks notice. Exclusion can be made in cases of gross or repeated violation of the statute and/or the interests of the Association; exclusion can also occur when a member has more than the sub-total arrears of more than one annual fee.


§ 5 Membership Fee

5.1 The necessary resources will be accumulated by:

  • Contributions and/
  • Donations

5.2 The total amount of the annual fee is 25€. 

5.3 Both Members and Non-members can make donations. 

5.4 The annual membership fee is due at the beginning of the financial year; outside of this time frame, a full annual fee is payable. 

§ 6 Bodies of Association

6.1 The General Assembly and The Executive Board are the bodies of the Association. The general assembly has the authority to permit the creation of additional Bodies (e.g. committees, working groups or projects), that are bound to The Board. 


§ 7 The Board

7.1 The Board consists of 2 members; The Chairman and Deputy Chairman. 

7.2 Both members of The Board are elected to their respective offices; and are in office for a term of two years. Re-election is permitted. The Board of directors shall remain in office until a new Board is elected.   

7.3 The Board represents The Association in all matters; particular in legal transactions and litigation. The Board, as referenced in § 26 BGB, The chairman and the deputy chairman shall each represent the Association respectively, alone. 

The Association and members are limited to its assets; the Executive Board must demonstrate, in writing, the commitments of The Association in the form of a contractor. 

7.4 The Board is responsible for the Associations volunteers. The management of the current business is The Managing Director. The Managing director is a representative of The Association as referenced in § 30 BGB of the assigned tasks. 


§ 8 The General Assembly


8.1 The Annual General Meeting is held once a year. An impromptu General Meeting will be convened immediately (in writing) on the instruction of the majority or 1/5 of its members. 

8.2 The General Assembly must adhere to protocol guidelines to decide on the agenda. This is necessary because one will be speaking to members present for a secret ballet. 

8.3 The location and time of the Annual General meeting will be decided, in writing, one month in advance. 

8.4 Applications must be submitted, in writing, one week before the start of the board meeting in order to provide sufficient time for the General Assembly to process it. 

8.5 The General Assembly shall have a quorum if it had been properly organised. Each member shall requests a vote and stand for election. Voting privileges may be transferred, in writing, to another club member for the duration of the meeting. One member may submit a maximum of two votes. 

8.6 The General Assembly is responsible for the election of the members of The Board. Additional members may be considered for the period of one year, upon request. 

8.7 The General Assembly decides on those approved to become members of the board, amendments to the Statutes, the level of contributions, applicants and /or the dissolution of the association.

8.8 Admission is decided by a simple majority vote; among the members present. The same protocol is followed if a request is made outside the time stipulated. 

8.9 A report is prepared containing the names of the members who agreed the agenda, election results and the decisions made. The Chairman and a member of the Board shall sign the minutes. The member will be informed of the decisions within 6 weeks. If there is no written objection by the attendees of the meeting within 3 weeks, the protocol is approved.


§ 9 Amendments


9.1 Changes in the Statute or the level of contribution require a 2/3 of the voting members present. 

9.2 The dissolution of The Association can only be valid if The General Assembly have been given 3 months notice; containing a clearly defined request, and presence and approval by ¾ of the members (by secret ballot). 

9.3 In the event of the dissolution of The Association, the remaining assets will be distributed to eV; with the exclusive purpose of promoting language, culture and education in Europe.